One Call One Team

One Call One Team is a single point of access for urgent care referrals.

The service will facilitate access to urgent care management options across the health community and prevent avoidable hospital admissions for adults with medical problems; by providing rapid assessment of patients and access to short term community packages of care; including medical; therapy and personal care.

The aim of One Call One Team is to facilitate the treatment and management of patients; at the right time; in the right place; ensuring services are wrapped around patients’ need and choice.

The underlying principles are as follows:

  • Reduce inappropriate unplanned admissions

  • Reduce inappropriate A&E attendances

  • Reduce care home non-elective admissions and A&E attendances

  • More patients have a choice of where they receive care and where they choose to die

  • Seamless urgent care service

  • Better experience for staff in the urgent care system

The service is available to all medical patients 18 and over who are served by Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

One Call Referrals