Pathology Redesign Project

April 2014

We would like to inform you that, following a review of H.pylori diagnostic tests, the WSHFT Microbiology lab will no longer be offering H.pylori antibody testing.

The gold standard for H.pylori testing in dyspepsia is the urea breath test . H.pylori antibody testing is no longer recommended as it has very low senstivity and specificity.

For those patients for whom a urea breath test is not indicated (e.g.pregnancy, children) please send a stool specimen Helicobacter antigen testing which can be sent to a reference lab for testing.

See PHE website for further guidelines on the management of H.pylori in General Practice.

Dr Jo Legg, Consultant Microbiologist

Chemical Pathology – Advance Notice of Changes to Reference Ranges

As part of the Pathology Redesign Project, the Chemical Pathology service delivered from both St Richard’s and Worthing hospital sites will be changing analytical platforms for both general chemistry and immunoassay tests – new instrumentation will go-live on 2nd December 2013.

Further to the validation of the analysers / assays, for the majority of routine assays the reference ranges and units will be essentially unchanged although we are taking the opportunity to bring the reference ranges of some assays in line with nationally agreed ranges (known as Harmonisation ranges)

Where changes to reference ranges or units have been made laboratory reports from the 2nd December 2013 will include a warning that reference ranges have changed and the new values will be included on reports.

Separate communications will be issued where appropriate, for individual assays / assay groups (e.g. tumour markers) where interpretation of results against new reference ranges will need to be undertaken with care.

If you require any further information please contact:

Dr J Quiney, Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Integrated Clinical Lead for Blood Sciences or Steve Short, Head Biomedical Scientist, Chemical Pathology

Message from the Microbiology Department

From 1st July 2013; we are standardising our preliminary result reporting: We will no longer be issuing preliminary reports for pathogens without sensitivities; except in those cases were they are considered clinically urgent e.g. Group A Strep from any specimen; Group B Streps in pregnancy.

Dr Jo Legg; Consultant Microbiologist